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How To Make Great Music In Any Recording Studio

(These Tips Are A Great Help)

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 The more everyone understands what is expected in the studio, the better the project will turn out.
It can be a very stressful time.
If we hear something isn't right, we'll let you know, but we aren't sitting there waiting for you to make mistakes

We're here to help you make great music - not to judge you or your music.

Tip# 1

Rehearse only the songs that you'll be recording for at least 2 days before the session. For clean starts, use an 8 beat count-off instead of a 4 beat count-off, with the last two beats silent. (Example: 1 2 3 4, 1 2 - - )

Tip# 2

Practice the songs straight through, including intro's, endings, and dynamics.
Work out all your solos before you get to the studio.

Tip# 3

If needed, put on new strings and drum heads at least 2 days before the session. Bring extra batteries, strings, and cables, just in case.

Tip# 4

Get a good night's sleep and make sure everyone is in a good mood before the session.
Don't party- Some people think they play better when they're smashed, but they don't.
Check with the studio to see if there is room for anyone that wants to watch the session.

Tip# 5

Start the songs cleanly and wait till the tape is rolling before turning up your volume.
Don't talk, play, or move for a count of eight after you finish a take.
Wait for the last notes to die away completely.

Tip# 6

Don't jam or play between takes or songs. Either tune up or sit quietly.
Goofing off just wastes everybody's time.

Tip# 7

You may have to change your normal amp settings to get a better sound for recording.
Sometimes your stage settings don't work in the studio.

Tip# 8

If you screw up, don't panic, but point it out. Most of the time, we can punch it in later.
If one song isn't happening, forget that song and move on to another song, or we'll take a short break.
Don't bother with "I'm sorry" or "I'll get it this time." You're just putting more pressure on yourself.
Screw ups happen. Just relax and try it again. Recording is very stressful - don't make it any harder on yourself.
If you feel yourself getting tense about a song, take a break. A break after every couple of songs can help a lot.
Be open to suggestions and changes. "Screw-ups" sometimes turn out great. Maybe you didn't hit the note you wanted, but the note you hit may be better.

Tip# 9

After the final session, everybody usually wants a rough mix. We will make your music available online for you and your band only to preview. Go ahead and enjoy it a couple days and make notes for the final mixdown session. Get away from the music for a while, or you won't be able to hear clearly when you mix. Everybody should take a 2 or 3 day break (or longer) before the mix down session to rest their ears.
Listen to groups you like, and try to get a feel for their sound and their mixes.

Tip# 10

Remember, your attitude during recording will come across on the finished product.

That's about it. Above all, have fun with it.